Premier's Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence

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2014 Regional Award Winner


Ferme Avicole Laviolette

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Photo of Marcel Laviolette and MPP Marie-France Lalonde

Marcel Laviolette and MPP Marie-France Lalonde

Each egg that leaves Ferme Avicole Laviolette has food safety stamped all over it - quite literally. In 2012, Marcel Laviolette decided that marking each carton with a traceability code wasn't enough. Instead, he implemented an automated system that marks every egg with an alphanumeric code. The HACCP-certified producer is the first in Ontario to implement such a comprehensive traceability system. Because the code reveals the production date, batch date and producer number, any recall is fast and accurate. For consumers, the code on each egg spells a visible commitment to quality and accountability. For the local egg producers that use Laviolette's grading station, it means a boost in sales and profits.

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