Premier's Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence

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2014 Regional Award Winner


Champion Mushrooms Ltd.

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Photo of Shu Lin, Yu Xuan Lin and MPP Marie-France Lalonde

Shu Lin, Yu Xuan Lin and MPP Marie-France Lalonde

Chances are, those oyster mushrooms you just bought were grown in the U.S., Europe or Asia. But supply could get a whole lot more local, thanks to growing techniques perfected by Ontario's Champion Mushrooms. Until recently, it took Shu Lin and Yu Xuan Lin 55 days to produce a crop, and yields were relatively low. So the two started tweaking their process. They opted to grow the mushrooms on smaller logs and changed the shape of the logs to improve nutrient absorption. They also adjusted the humidity levels at key phases in the growing process. As a result, the growing time has shrunk to 15 days, and labour and production costs are down. Best of all? Yields and quality have skyrocketed - along with revenues.

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