Premier's Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence

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2014 Regional Award Winner


Everdale Farm

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Photo of MPP Liz Sandals, Leticia Boahen and Ohemaa Boateng

MPP Liz Sandals, Leticia Boahen and Ohemaa Boateng

Urbanites, meet agriculture. Agriculture, meet urbanites. Since 1997, Everdale has operated a successful farm and environmental learning centre in rural Wellington County. In 2013, however, it took sustainable agriculture into the big city. By converting eight acres of unused conservation land into commercial-scale vegetable production, Everdale created Toronto's largest urban farm. The 60 varieties of organic veggies it produces at Black Creek Community Farm reflect the diversity of the surrounding community. As well as onions, carrots and other standards, you'll find callaloo, okra, Thai chili peppers, tomatillos and long eggplant. The farm is bustling with interns, staff and local volunteers. Meanwhile, an on-site store sells the harvest to a community hungry for fresh produce and the taste of home.

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