Premier's Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence

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2014 Regional Award Winner


A Driedger Farms Inc.

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A Driedger Farms Inc.

Jesse Driedger, MPP Kathryn McGarry, Abe Driedger and Dennis Driedger

Tomato harvesting can be a messy affair. To make room for large tractors and transport trailers, producers have traditionally used mechanical vine trainers to push the plants out of the way. Unfortunately, the result is often entire trailerloads of split and squished product. Now, an innovation out of Essex County is helping farmers make haste without the paste. A Driedger Farms Inc. developed a self-propelled machine with a disc head assembly in front of the chassis. The system gently lifts and transfers entire rows of tomato plants to neighbouring rows with no damage to the fruit. Even better, it speeds up harvesting by 19 per cent. With potential applications in cucumber and other vegetable fields, the equipment could give farmers across Ontario a softer touch.

Creation Date: November 20, 2014
Last Reviewed: November 26, 2014