Premier's Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence

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2011 Regional Award Winner


Mariposa Dairy Ltd. - Lindsay

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Photo of Jeff Leal, MPP Peterborough, Grace VanOudenaren and George Zekveld

Jeff Leal, MPP Peterborough, Grace VanOudenaren and George Zekveld

Separating curds and whey used to be a tough job at Mariposa Dairy Ltd., a producer of soft goat cheese. Workers had to hang bags on a stainless steel tree and flip them every few hours for proper drainage. The whole process was time consuming and physically challenging until a new innovation was introduced. The dairy worked with community partners to design the "MegaPress," a machine that separates curds and whey so quickly and efficiently that it has reduced the separation time cycle from four days to 24 hours. That makes it a lot easier to produce nearly 18,000 litres of cheese each day to meet market demand. The energy-saving press can also be preset for different moisture content levels, helping the dairy create new varieties to add to their award-winning cheeses. The MegaPress has increased production and created new jobs, and is helping introduce Ontario goat cheese into the global market.

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