Premier's Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence

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2010 Regional Award Winner


Boreal Birch Syrup - Thunder Bay District

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David Ramsey, MPP Timiskaming-Cochrane and Dave Challen

David Ramsey, MPP Timiskaming-Cochrane and Dave Challen

In 2006, Boreal Birch Syrup began to make what has become a signature product of Northwestern Ontario birch syrup. Using the same process used for maple syrup, the company has developed a new niche product that taps into our collective history. They also produce birch woodcarvings, birch bark baskets, birch syrup flavoured food products and shiitake mushrooms grown on birch logs out of a 65-acre birch forest that was once slated to be clear-cut. This is its sixth season of production and Boreal Birch Syrup is doubling its operation to 1,000 taps. They are confident that there is huge potential for more producers to supply a growing international market.

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