Premier's Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence

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2010 Regional Award Winner


Lenberg Farms - City of Kawartha Lakes

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Bruce and Sharon Vandenberg and Rick Johnson

Bruce and Sharon Vandenberg and Rick Johnson

How do you keep track of report cards for 2,000 kids? Just ask Lenberg Farms, whose innovative record-keeping approach helps them manage Ontario's largest dairy goat herd. It all begins at birth. Details are recorded immediately in a kid book and card, establishing the first step in traceability. Information is then transferred into a computer record-keeping system. The pre-printed kid cards are the cornerstone of the system. Important milestones, such as colostrum feedings, tagging, vaccinations and treatments are pre-scheduled for each group of kids. Now employees can consult the scheduling book and know what has to be accomplished to care for the kids that day. The farm has hosted producer tours, is attracting international interest and deserves an A+ for this progressive management tool.

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