Premier's Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence

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2010 Regional Award Winner


Rush Creek Wines Ltd. - Elgin County

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Maria Van Bommel, Kim and Wendy Flintoft

Maria Van Bommel, Kim and Wendy Flintoft

Decadence is not just a best-selling wine at Rush Creek Wines. It is a product innovation that has spun into wine jelly, body cream, body sugar scrub and body spritzer. The combination of chocolate and strawberries has created jobs, increased tourism dollars and given business to local honey, fruit and chocolate producers. The winery, located just south of Aylmer, produces 21 varieties of fruit wine, growing 65 per cent of its fruit supply and sourcing the rest locally. Sales have risen 15 per cent since the owners developed and delivered the first bottle of Decadence, which is so much in demand that production has increased to 500 imperial gallons or about 2,200 litres.

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