Premier's Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence

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2010 Regional Award Winner

Bloemen Dairy Farms Inc. - Middlesex County

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Maria Van Bommel and Otto Bloemen

Maria Van Bommel and Otto Bloemen

Otto Bloemen was unable to find a suitable manure tanker and undercarriage to meet his farm's demands, so he decided to design and build his own. What he needed was a big liquid manure tanker with a very large holding capacity to reduce the number of trips to the field during spreading, but he did not want to have a very costly piece of equipment sitting in the shed for the majority of the year. As a result, his invention is large enough to meet his needs, and it's also adaptable for other applications on the farm. By adding different modules to the undercarriage, it can be used for hauling liquid manure, solid manure and silage. It's a great example of how ingenuity is spreading on the farm.