Premier's Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence

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2010 Regional Award Winner


Envirofresh Farms - Lambton County

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Art Caron, Maria Van Bommel and Mark Huzevka

Art Caron, Maria Van Bommel and Mark Huzevka

When two friends combined their engineering expertise and greenhouse growing experience, their team approach resulted in a new vegetable operation that captures waste heat and CO2 (carbon dioxide) from an adjacent manufacturing industry. Envirofresh Farms grows 23 acres of greenhouse peppers beside Terra Industries, a manufacturer of nitrogen fertilizer. The two have established a symbiotic relationship. The greenhouse operation needs the equivalent of energy required to supply 1,400 homes. Being able to draw free heat via pipelines directly from the neighbouring manufacturer's byproducts means a huge reduction in energy costs for the greenhouse. In addition, the high quality CO2 that's captured and piped into the greenhouse is good for the plants, and it's good for the manufacturer too, since it reduces the amount of CO2 it releases into the atmosphere. Envirofresh is a great example of how agriculture and industry can be good neighbours and boost each other's sustainability. Its peppers are a "greener" green.

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