Premier's Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence

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2009 Regional Award Winner


Kejay Investments Inc. (Kevin and Jason Stallaert Farms) – Chatham

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Jason Stallaert and MPP for Chatham-Kent-Essex Pat Hoy

Jason Stallaert and MPP for Chatham-Kent-Essex Pat Hoy

Over-wintering carrots for spring harvest extends the market for this crop - a practice already taking place in the United Kingdom.  This knowledge led some Ontario growers, with 10 years experience growing carrots, to research and adopt existing techniques for their own operation. They blanketed a 25 acre test plot of mature carrot tops with black plastic mulch and large square bales of straw, creating a natural, in-ground cooler for the carrots. The result yielded more than 30 tonnes of beautiful carrots with fantastic appearance and flavour. The buyers were so pleased with the end product that they asked for 100 acres of over-wintered carrots. This field storage technique is helping to bring domestically grown carrots to the marketplace 52 weeks of the year.

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