Premier's Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence

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2009 Regional Award Winner


Essex Nurseries Ltd. - Harrow

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Dale Kimball and Bruce Crozier

Dale Kimball and Bruce Crozier

Trimming new growth from the main stalk of fruit trees (“suckering”) can be hard, labour intensive work.  Dale Kimball, of Essex Nurseries, found a way to improve the efficiency of this necessary job, and make it less onerous for the workers.  Kimball created a machine that attached five toboggans to a small tractor. The workers sit on the toboggans, which slide along, to sucker the plants. The hydraulic controls of the tractor have been modified so that one of the workers on a toboggan can control the tractor driving at very low speeds.  With this innovation, the workers at Essex Nurseries are more efficient and able to sucker 40 rows of trees in the time it used to take to complete 12.

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