Premier's Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence

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2008 Mildmay Regional Award Winner


Sunrise Produce - Simcoe County

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Ruth VanderZaag; Carol Mitchell, MPP for Huron-Bruce

Ruth VanderZaag; Carol Mitchell, MPP for Huron-Bruce

The chips are never down at Sunrise Produce. The farm's experienced potato breeders and growers, Peter and Carla VanderZaag, have developed three new potato varieties that can be made into the popular snack all year-round. Most other chipping varieties maintain their quality for only two to three months. The three innovative potato lines can be processed any time, from the moment they are placed in storage until the following summer. The new varieties were officially registered in 2007 and have been adopted by other producers. Last year, 300 acres of the new varieties were grown in Ontario. There is significant market growth potential for these potatoes, including in the U.S.

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