Premier's Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence

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2008 Espanola Regional Award Winner


Sudbury West Nipissing Abattoir Producer Group - Sudbury District

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Adrian Verhoeven; Michael Brown, MPP for Algoma-Manitoulin

Adrian Verhoeven; Michael Brown, MPP for Algoma-Manitoulin

While it's currently mainly about the beef, this operation will soon be about hogs and sheep, too. At the end of August 2008, a group of producers and a meat retailer invested enough capital to re-open a meat plant at a local store. The abattoir is now slaughtering 20 head of cattle per week, with plans to expand to other livestock. The partners are also looking to create a regional brand of beef. Consumers are getting locally raised meat, the growers have lowered their costs by having a local slaughterhouse, and the local economy benefits from the jobs the enterprise has created.

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