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2008 Espanola Regional Award Winner


Meeker's AquaCulture - Manitoulin District

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Mike Meeker

Mike Meeker

Meeker's AquaCulture has developed environmentally-friendly compost by mixing by-products from Ontario's fish and forestry industries. Mike Meeker thought there had to be a better destination for these by-products than the local landfill. He experimented by churning fish offal and sawdust together in a modified cement truck on his farm. The result is a successful compost product that has a high nutrient value for lawns, flower beds and field crops. Today, approximately 1.5 million pounds of fish by-product from other fish producers in Northern Ontario are used in compost production. Up to 40 tonnes of compost are produced each week. The product, sold in 30 lb tote bags, has attracted big retail partners like Costco, and has drawn praise for its quality from organic growers.

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