Premier's Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence

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2008 Brant Regional Award Winner


Diniz Farming Ltd. Norfolk County

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MPP for Brant Dave Levac; Lucy and David Diniz

Dave Levac, MPP for Brant; Lucy and David Diniz

The Diniz Farm went shopping for new ideas at the grocers.  This innovator was looking to transition to new crops and approached a grocery store chain to find out what products it might be interested in buying. The grocer was evaluating consumer demand for local foods and identified commodities it was sourcing outside the province.  The result was a market breakthrough for locally produced foods. The farm now grows fava beans on a commercial scale and has a new market for its garlic too. It converted its ginseng seed picker to harvest garlic scapes, adapted an onion digger to harvest garlic and modified a ginseng washer for fava beans. Along with a demand for local food, this innovator is also growing new local jobs and new income for the farm.

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