Premier's Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence

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2006 Regional Award Winners

Organization Innovation Description Innovation Type
1530937 Ontario Inc. and Lougheed's BioDiesel (Owen Sound) Manufacture of biodiesel modular plant Energy innovation
20 Bees Wines (Niagara Vintners Inc.) Strategic alliance formed to start winery business - Ontario VQA wines Strategic Alliance
Abercrombie and Associates/
Stephen Coulthard Farms Ltd. (Downiecrest Farms)

Development of biomass fuel pellets as source of heating fuel Energy innovation
Agri-Business SHSM Chesley District High School Agri-business program offered through secondary school part of the Ministry of Education version of the Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) Education and Marketing
Algoma Cattleman's Association Development of a beef packaging and marketing program to promote interaction between local farmers and consumers Value added
AMCO Farms Inc. Installation and adaptation of biomass combustion units in greenhouse operation Energy innovation
Animal-Pro Products Inc. Development of a Canadian researched, formulated and manufactured natural probiotic feed additive Value added
Ausable Produce Modification of an existing technology to meet market needs Improved farm practice
Avon Swine Inc. New technology implemented to keep piglets warm in farrowing barn Improved farm practice
BLT Farms Inc. Implementation of anaerobic digester to produce energy from methane gas and corn silage Energy innovation
Beef Improvement Ontario (Bio) Integrating traditional programs and business practices through the use of leading edge technologies Improved farm practice
Benner Farms Limited o/a Heritage Line Herbs Conversion of tobacco farm to herb farm using innovative practices Improved farm practice
Burt Farm Country Meats Construction of a meat processing facility and retail outlet on the farm Value added
De Leeuw Orchards Targeted approach to spraying apple orchards Improved farm practice
Doug Calhoun Farms/West Grey Premium Beef Inc. Responded to consumer demand by forming a partnership to sell value-added beef Value added
Durham Region Dairy Producers Committee Education and marketing program for 100% Canadian milk products Education and Marketing
Enviro Mushroom Farm Inc. Improved farm practices to grow and market different varieties of quality mushrooms and value-added products Improved farm practice
Everdale Organic Farm & Environmental Learning Centre Everdale Farms future farming internship program Education and marketing
Ferme Henrard et Fils Combine an ethanol plant with a digester to offset electricity costs Energy innovation
Fitzroy Beef Farmers Co-operative Inc. Formation of a co-operative to market locally raised beef to local consumers Marketing
Foodlink Waterloo Region Creation of a non-profit group to promote local agriculture Strategic alliance
Fulton's Pancake House and Sugar Bush Multi-faceted, professionally managed, proactive agri-forestry based business Improved farm practice
Global Fruit Become sustainable as an Ontario agri-business by implementing techniques that lead to high quality apples Improved farm practice
Hungry Hollow Organics Inc. Development of meat and poultry products that are certified organic Value added
Kendu Holsteins Development of a zero spill water bowl for cattle Improved farm practice
Kerr Farms Sales (Chatham) Ltd. Creation of a vertically integrated supply chain to market high quality beef Value added
Fritz and Paul Klaesi Implement small anaerobic biodigester Energy innovation
Kraayenbrink Farms Modify livestock truck to add fold up cat-walk and loading chute Improved farm practice
Kurtz Orchards Development of innovative new value-added products and creation of an agri-tourism destination Value added
LMR Inc. Development of new tool for sow barns Improved farm practice
London Dairy Farms Retractable roof for feed storage shed Improved farm practice
Mariposa Dairy Introduction of new goat cheese products Value added
Minten Family Farms Ltd. Implementation of dead stock composting on-farm Environmental stewardship
Mapleton's Organic Dairy (Triangle Farm) Adoption of a whole farm approach to food production based on interdependence with the environment, the land, animals and consumers Improved farm practice
Moorcroft Hemp Farms Development of a fiber extractor and chopper to process hemp fiber and hurd Improved farm practice
Munro Honey Adding value to honey production by including retail sales, beekeeping equipment sales and the establishment of a commercial meadery Value added
Murgo Farms Ltd. Development of an agricultural tree trimming service Improved farm practice
NOD Apiary Products Ltd. Product to reduce mite infestations in bee colonies Improved farm practice
New Terra Farm Subscription organic market garden that provides fresh produce to consumers Value Added
Northend Floral Inc. Environmental Stewardship - EARTHready program - biodegradable peat pots Environmental stewardship
Ontario Dairy Goat Co-operative Formation of a co-operative to produce and promote dairy goat products Strategic alliance
Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers Education and marketing of agriculture to society - Healthy Hearts, Healthy Minds (HHHM) Education and marketing
Persall Naturals Ltd. Diversification of farm enterprise by producing value-added soybean and canola oils Value added
Pine River Ranch Establishment of Riparian Zones, adoption of Nutrient Management Plan, provision of land for Green Cover Canada project and using Solar Energy to power remote water systems Environmental stewardship
Rainy River Elk Company Differentiate product, expand market reach, and use networking to promote and sell elk Value added
Roche Court Farms Development of a remote farm servicing program for farmers in Nippissing Improved farm practice
Saunders Farm Creation of a leading Ag-Tourism destination Education and marketing
SAVOUR Muskoka Formation of a marketing brand for Muskoka agri-business Marketing
Spring Valley Farms Created bumper system to protect animals on livestock trailers Improved farm practice
Sunshine Farms Development of a new product (pickled asparagus) to compete with import market Value added
Terryland Farms Inc. Use of a methane digester to generate energy Energy innovation
Thunder Oak Cheese Farm On-farm production of Ontario's only gouda cheese Value added
P. & S. Van Berlo Limited Development of an alternative crop transforming tobacco operation to sweet potato production Improved farm practice
Viticultural Roundtable of Southwestern Ontario
Development of a sustainable protocol for local vineyards
Improved farm practice
Youngfield Farms Ltd. Development of vertical tillage farm equipment Improved farm practice