Premier's Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence

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2006 Regional Award Winners

Algoma Cattlemen's Association - Algoma District

Algoma Cattlemen's Association - Algoma DistrictInternet marketing has allowed members of this association to directly market whole animals to the consumer in convenient 25 and 50 pound packages. Producers are happy with their returns and customers keep returning for the quality beef.The future looks bright as this association expands into a year-round business.

Burt Farm Country Meats - Manitoulin District

Burt Farm Country Meats - Manitoulin DistrictMax Burt has a good business going, now that he has added meat processing and retail sales to his organic sow production operation. Burt learned how to cure and smoke the meat he was producing and he also converted workshop space into a retail outlet.Now, he has a sustainable, vertically integrated and profitable establishment.

Roche Court Farms - Nippissing District

Roche Court Farms - Nippissing DistrictFinding service for farm equipment in the north was not easy until the Parsons hit on and developed the idea of having a person/team from John Deere visit their community to provide maintenance for several farmers at once.This has saved many farmers excess overhead costs and down time.

Spring Valley Farms - Parry Sound District

Spring Valley Farms - Parry Sound DistrictKeeping livestock safe, sound and profitable during transport inspired James Zulak to invent a bumper system to protect animals in trailers.The bumper system has been moulded out of a polymer called Salflex 562, a product used by automobile makers. This profitable endeavour has provided a useful tool that can be added to any trailer for the safe transportation of all livestock.