Premier's Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence

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2006 Minister's Award - Fritz and Paul Klaesi

Fritz and Paul Klaesi  receiving Minister's Award.

Fritz and Paul Klaesi are turning manure into electricity, using an anaerobic digester system. The Klaesis are early adopters of this technology – in fact, theirs is one of Ontario's first operational systems that is generating electricity to the grid through the net metering program – and that's after they have powered two homesteads and the farm buildings.

The manure-based anaerobic digester generates 750 kilowatt hours of electricity a day, enough to power 30 homes.The Klaesis hydro bill has shrunk from $2,500 per month to $30 per month.Other benefits include the reduction of greenhouse gases and of the odour associated with spreading manure.

Strong believers in their innovation, the Klaesis willingly share information and host visitors. They are willing to participate in ongoing research and evaluation of this technology to support its further development and implementation across Ontario.

The producers' next step is to secure a contract under the Standard Offer Program through which electrical power generated from renewable energy sources is purchased to augment Ontario's power supply.