Pollinator health information for beekeepers

Pollinator health information for beekeepers

Honey Bee Health in Ontario

Ontario has long been supporting the health of managed pollinators through the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affair's (OMAFRA) Apiary Inspection Program. The Ontario Bees Act is the legislation that regulates honey bees and beekeeping in Ontario. Its main purpose is to protect the health of honey bees, particularly from pests and diseases. The act requires that anyone who owns or is in possession of honey bees must register with the Apiary Inspection Program.

OMAFRA's Apiary Inspection Program provides field inspections for the presence of honey bee diseases and pests and issues permits to beekeepers. In addition, the apiary program is actively engaged in monitoring honey bee health across Ontario, and conducting surveys of beekeeper management practices, overwinter losses and the tracking of reported honey bee health concerns.

Apiary Inspection Program Quick Links:

To see additional resources and services available from the Apiary Inspection Program, including treatment recommendations and best management practices for biosecurity, high risk pests, diseases and overwintering, please visit ontario.ca/beekeeping.

Government programs and resources

A new bee mortality production insurance plan helps to protect farmers in Ontario from losses caused by factors beyond their control, and covers colony losses caused by insured perils that occur during the overwinter period. For eligibility requirements and more information on the bee mortality plan, visit Agricorp's website.

Beekeepers can also access AgriStability, AgriInvest and the Self-Directed Risk Management Program. To explore your options, contact Agricorp.

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For resources and services available from the Apiary Inspection Program visit ontario.ca/beekeeping.

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