World Foods

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Bring Home the World - A Report on Ontario's World Foods

Recognizing the diversity of Ontarians, their diverse tastes, and their contributions to growing the agri-food sector, the Province has been engaging Ontarians to hear their thoughts and ideas about the opportunities of increasing access to Ontario-grown World Foods. We invite you to read the World Foods Report.

Ontario's World Foods Report is a part of the Bring Home the World campaign. This initiative is designed to promote World Foods as part of Ontario's Local Food Strategy.

Locally grown World Foods are those which can be produced, harvested or processed in Ontario that reflect the diversity of the province's population.

Ontario is a strong supporter of local food production and sales. Since 2003, the government has invested more than $190 million in initiatives and projects that help promote and celebrate the good things that are grown, harvested and made in Ontario.

Examples of Ontario world foods may include:

  • Fruits and vegetables - fuzzy melon, bok choy, specialty eggplant
  • Proteins - goat meat, shrimp, edamame
  • Dairy - goat or sheep milk, lassi (yogurt-based drink), labneh (cream cheese)
  • Grains - quinoa

World foods can also be part of an internationally inspired recipe using locally-sourced ingredients, or as part of a culturally important or religiously required diet, such as Halal processed foods.

OMAFRA World Foods Supports

OMAFRA has resources and initiatives already in place that support World Foods in Ontario.

Foodland Ontario
  • Ontario-grown World Foods are promoted in over 600 food and lifestyle media outlets through recipe releases and television appearances. World crops and their use in international recipes have been promoted through Foodland Ontario's social and digital media channels (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and the website) and in 2017, the Foodland Ontario calendar features 'Deliciously inspired international recipes featuring local ingredients'. Over 500,000 have been distributed, predominately through Ontario grocery stores. Ontario retailers also use Foodland Ontario point-of-sale materials, such as commodity cards or international recipe cards to promote World Foods grown in Ontario. Recently, Foodland Ontario partnered with T&T Supermarkets to create an Asian greens banner promoting grown in Ontario - across eight stores in Ontario.
Speciality Cropportunities
  • A resource available to assist growers to transition to specialty crops, including world crops, with information on crop research and trials.
Agriculture Business Management - Website
  • A website filled with resources for farming businesses to help manage production and marketing information, farm business diversification, budgeting, workshops, events, and newsletters.
Starting a Farm in Ontario: Business Information Bundle for New Farmers
  • Resources for potential new farmers and newcomer farmers with information on crops, expansion, and early market decisions, including world crops. In addition, OMAFRA collaborates with organizations like Farm Management Canada to build capacity-building resources for potential and new farm entrants.
Premier's Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence
  • A program that recognizes the innovative contributions of producers, processors, agri-food organizations and rural communities in Ontario.
Crop Insurance
  • The Crown Agency Agricorp offers crop insurance on 25 different world crops. Visit Agricorp's website for more information.

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