June 2003 Nutrient Management Protocol for Ontario Regulation 267/03 Made under the Nutrient Management Act, 2002

Part 14 – Record Keeping

Table of Contents

  1. Contents of an Activity Log

14.1 Activity Log Requirements

The activity log will be used to keep a record of actual events and details. They must be made available for inspection purposes and therefore have to be kept on the farm unit or in a nearby place that is accessible by the farm unit operator 24 hours a day. These records must be kept for at least 2 years after the strategy or plan ceases to be in force.

The Activity Log is an effective tool to demonstrate the implementation of the nutrient management strategy or plan. Keeping adequate records also provides valuable benchmark information for the farm unit to indicate when a significant change has occurred that may require renewal of the nutrient management strategy or plan.

14.2 Contents of an Activity Log

The actual as required by Part 11 of the Regulation:

Cropping Practices:
  • Nutrients types applied and application dates, rates, and methods
  • Incorporation method and date
  • Weather conditions around application and incorporation dates
  • For spreading: date, time, location, quantity, set backs
  • Date and times of tile outlet monitoring including observations (on application dates) if applicable
  • Commercial fertilizer bills showing volume and timing of application
  • Crop type and planting date
  • Tillage method and date
  • Harvest date
  • Yield
Livestock Information:
  • Feed records
  • If the farm is not at design capacity in accordance with the OMAF Housing Capacity Guidelines contained in NMAN, an inventory of livestock in the barn on a monthly basis.
Other Required Information:
  • Documentation of any other time/conditions when a contingency plan is utilized. Including location, estimated volumes and remediation measures
  • What was done to resolve any written complaints
  • A copy of all inspection related recommendations and implementation of them.
  • Imported nutrient containing materials, date, tons or volume, description of the material (ie. agreements)
  • Biosecurity protocols for the operation

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Author: OMAFRA Staff
Creation Date: 30 June 2003
Last Reviewed: 30 June 2003