2009 Nutrient Management Protocol for Ontario Regulation 267/03 Made under the Nutrient Management Act, 2002

Part 13 - Construction and Siting

13.1 Engineer's Commitment Certificate

The Regulation imposes requirements for the design and construction of a new permanent nutrient storage facility, VFSS and mixed regulated AD facility or an expansion, or alteration of these facilities or parts thereof. The Engineer's Commitment Certificate which is found at the Government of Ontario Central Forms Site will need to be completed for any new or expanding operations where the Regulation requires the oversight of an engineer.

13.2 Dry Matter Content of Manure

There are several locations in the Regulation that rely on the dry matter content of manure. The dry matter content of manure can be established through sampling, referring to the Manure Databank for average values In Ontario. The Manure Databank can be found in Table 2 in the Nutrient Management Tables document. This table will be updated from time to time so please check the website to ensure that you are using the most recent version of the table.

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