2004 Nutrient Management Protocol for Ontario Regulation 267/03 Made under the Nutrient Management Act, 2002

Part 12 - Brokers

Part 5 of the Regulation

A broker is a person who receives prescribed materials from an operation but does not generate a new nutrient product from those materials and transfers the prescribed materials to another operation, applies them to land on behalf of another or stores them for either purpose: Regulation Part 1. This definition includes a person who transports non-agricultural source materials (i.e. biosolids) from a generator to a receiver and commonly has been referred to as a "hauler".

Brokers must complete a Broker Agreement Form with each person from whom they receive prescribed materials and each person to whom they transfer prescribed materials. The form is found in Part 15 of this Protocol. A copy of each Broker Agreement entered into must be kept by each party to the Agreement (in other words, by both the broker and generator where the broker receives materials and both the broker and receiver where the broker transfers materials).

A Broker must first possess a waste management system certificate of approval or broker certificate to transport nonagricultural source materials.

They are responsible for providing the generator with a list of sites for land application of the materials, volumes delivered to sites and application rates of materials, area of application, as well as, the corresponding nutrient management plan identifier or the certificate of approval numbers for the sites approved to accept the prescribed nonagricultural source materials. This is to aid the generator in completing an accurate nutrient management strategy.

A Broker who possesses a waste management system certificate of approval or broker certificate must complete an annual report that includes all sites to which they delivered and land-applied prescribed nonagricultural source materials and associated volumes. This annual report must be kept for a minimum of five years or longer if the Director requires it: Regulation Part 11.

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