2009 Nutrient Management Protocol for Ontario Regulation 267/03 Made under the Nutrient Management Act, 2002

Part 11 - Outdoor Confinement Areas

11.1 Snow That Contains Manure

Part VII of the Regulation allows a person to store or use snow which has been removed from an outdoor confinement area and that contains manure subject to certain conditions.

11.1.1 Context

Snow that contains manure, removed from an outdoor confinement area, is known in the industry as "feedlot snow", "winter yard scrapings" or "brown sugar". This material is of extreme bulk relative to nutrient content, and is known to cause handling and storage difficulties on many operations where outdoor livestock housing is used.

11.1.2 Parameters for Snow Containing Manure from Permanent Outdoor Confinement Areas:

For the purposes of Part VII of the Regulation the snow containing manure is characterized by;

  • having originated from a permanent outdoor confinement area;
  • the presence of ice or snow crystals;
  • the presence of no other foreign materials except livestock urine, feces, feed or bedding;
  • a dry matter content of no greater than 16%; and
  • being solid despite its low dry matter content such that this material cannot be pumped at time of handling or application, but rather it can be piled or handled as a solid.

The preferred method for determining the nutrient content described above is through using pooled samples (10 litres each) which are subjected to analysis in triplicate. Sampling and laboratory methods for determining dry matter, total nitrogen and total phosphorus are outlined in the Sampling and Analysis Protocol.

11.1.3 Bedding and Feed in Snow

Snow that contains manure is permitted to contain some bedding and feed. This is in recognition of the fact that sometimes feed and bedding will become mixed in with the snow after a storm event and may be removed when the snow is removed. Not all scrapings from an outdoor confinement area will be able to meet the parameters described above. Any winter application of manure that does not meet the above guidelines must be in compliance with the Regulations for winter spreading contained in Part VI of the Regulation.

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