2007 Nutrient Management Protocol for Ontario Regulation 267/03 Made under the Nutrient Management Act, 2002

Part 8 - Registration of Existing Large Farms

The Regulation requires that some farms register their agricultural operation. The following information will need to be provided to the Director at the OMAFRA for the purposes of the registration:

  • the contact information for the owner and/or operator of the operation;
  • a description and location sketch of the lands contained in the farm unit including area in hectares or acres;
  • a description of the operation generating prescribed materials on the farm unit including livestock types and numbers;
  • a projection of the amount of prescribed materials generated by the operation carried out on the farm unit and those prescribed materials received on the farm unit each year;
  • a description of the buildings, treatment equipment and structures used in the generation and management of the prescribed materials;
  • the amount and receivers of prescribed materials transferred off the farm unit;
  • the days of storage available;
  • an indication of the presence or absence of the following features
    • wells,
    • surface water, and
    • drainage tiles at the farm unit; and
  • the presence or absence of a NMS and NMP prepared by a certified individual including the name and certification number of the preparer

For more information:
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