Land Applicators' Checklist

This checklist includes a number of items that a non-agricultural source material (NASM) applicator should ensure have been completed prior to NASM being applied to a NASM application area.

Prior to applying NASM to an application area, consider any impact to neighbours (e.g. odour risk, who might be impacted, etc) and incorporate this into the plan if possible.

Pre-Application Regulatory Requirements

____ The applicator or the application company's authorized agent has a valid Prescribed Materials Application Business Licence.

____ All application equipment operators have a valid Nutrient Application Technicians Licence

____ The Land Application Schedule has been provided by the NASM plan developer

____ The relevant information in the NASM plan has been discussed with all application equipment operators, including:

____ Land Application Schedule

  • Application rate and method
  • Application rate and method within 150 metres of top of bank of surface water (if different from above)
  • Location of tile inlets and outlets
  • Setbacks to sensitive features

____ Contingency Plan

  • Spills Action Plan
  • List of contacts and phone numbers

____ Any other special considerations indicated in the Land Application Schedule (e.g., check weather forecast for precipitation/wind direction)

____ The Ministry of the Environment (MOE) District Office has been notified of the application dates within the past seven days

____ The material transfer site and staging area details have been communicated to the application equipment operators and to the NASM hauler

____ The depth of unsaturated soil within the NASM application area has been determined and any necessary adjustments to the NASM application rate have been communicated to the application equipment operators

____ You have confirmed the application timing with the farmer/landowner

Post Application

 ____ Records collected regarding the land application have been provided to the farmer and the NASM plan developer, including:

  • Actual dates of land application
  • Amount of material applied
  • Any deviations from the planned land application schedule


The information contained in this Information Sheet is not authoritative. It is derived from the Nutrient Management Act, 2002 (NMA) and its General Regulation (O. Reg. 267/03) and is for informational purposes only. Efforts have been made to make it as accurate as possible, but in the event of a conflict, inconsistency or error, the requirements set out in the NMA and the General Regulation take precedence. Please refer to E-Laws for what the NMA and the General Regulation actually provide. The Government of Ontario assumes no liability for any inaccurate or incomplete information nor for any actions taken in reliance thereon. Prior to implementing any changes to your operations, it is strongly recommended that you review the NMA and the General Regulation directly and seek any advice you consider appropriate from a qualified person.


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Author: OMAFRA Staff
Creation Date: 20 December 2010
Last Reviewed: 20 December 2010