Liquid Nutrient Storages

Design/General Review

  • Professional engineering services for design and general review of construction will be required for all liquid nutrient storages.

    • Design includes stamped drawings and specifications for liquid nutrient storage construction

    • Drawings must include details for wall openings where transfer piping penetrates a storage, sump or holding pit

    • where leakage of nutrients could occur.

    • All such openings must include provision for flexible watertight gasket or membrane to prevent leakage, and design details must be included with the structural drawings.

    • Where engineering is required, drawings and design details are required and must be retained on site and with the local building authority.

  • Liquid Nutrient Transfer Systems

    • Liquid Nutrient Transfer Systems require professional engineering services for design and general review of construction/installation.

    • Liquid nutrients include manure, milkhouse washwater and runoff containing nutrients

    • Transfer systems, which convey liquid nutrients to a holding tank, sump or permanent storage, require professional engineering design and site review of installation.

    • Transfer systems (both gravity and pump-pressure systems) include piping, connections and wall penetrations that prevent leakage of nutrients to groundwater. Flush systems are considered transfer systems.

    • With commercial pump systems, engineering design of the transfer piping is covered if the manufacturer’;s installation guide and specification are followed for type of pipe, size, operating pressure and gasketed connections. In this case, only site review of construction/installation is required.

    • Design of wall openings in nutrient storages, sumps and holding pits to accept transfer system piping shall be designed by the structural engineer responsible for that structure.

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