Planning to Build or Renovate an Implement Shed

Plan to construct or renovate an implement shed on your farm? If so, this is a good place to start. Make an appointment with your building department to discuss your plans. Be sure to allow for adequate time to obtain all necessary approvals, including the issuance of a building permit before scheduling construction. Professional Engineering Services for design and general review of specific projects may be required for Nutrient Management Strategies.

Municipal Requirements

Verify Zoning

Contact the Building/Zoning/Planning Department of your local municipality and find out about the zoning of the site; the type of buildings permitted in that zone, and any additional zoning restrictions. Consider that the municipal zoning allows for an agricultural operation. Listing of Ontario municipal websites below:

Building Permit

Complete Building Permit Application. Submit completed building permit application to your local municipality/principal authority. For all agricultural construction projects, the farm owner is responsible for obtaining a building permit. Construction can start when the permit is issued.

Professional Engineering Services

Review Ontario's Building Code.

You may also wish to review the following:

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