PTF Calculator - A Measure of Efficiency, and Returns on Extra Outlay

Instructions: Fill in the fields with bold labels below to evaluate the results of a product, and click on 'Calculate'. For a detailed explanation, see the associated article "Pork Per Tonne of Feed - A Measure of Efficiency" (link below).

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(The same values for these factors are used in calculations for both trials, even if they were different during the trials, to allow the comparison of returns.)

Trial Comparison

Trial A (control)

Trial B (with product)

Comparison of Trial B with Trial A

For help interpreting the results, please follow the link to the article in the "related links" section.

*Note: When considering something other than a feed additive, etc., such as vaccination for example, you will need to calculate the cost in terms of $/tonne of feed used for entry in this field. Example: $2/pig x 100 pigs = $200 extra outlay. If 28 tonnes of feed was used in the trial, then $200/28 tonnes = $7.14/tonne of feed.

(PTF Calculator was developed based on articles by John Gadd in Pig Farming.)

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