Sheep Health and Disease


Preventing disease reduces economic losses and improves animal welfare. For information on common sheep diseases check out the links below.


Sheep producers have moved to a model that tries to maintain sheep and lamb health rather than treat sick animals. You can learn more here.

Deadstock Disposal

Producers have many options for disposal of deadstock, both on-farm and off-farm.

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If you haven't found what you're looking for here, please check these external sites.

  • Antibiotics For Sheep (And Other Livestock)
    A list of major antibiotics for all animals and reasons for using them.
  • Coccidiosis in Lambs (PDF)
    What the signs of Coccidiosis are in lambs. Also includes some types of medications and treatment or prevention methods.
  • Control of Chlamydial Abortion in Sheep
    In depth description on how to control Chlamydial abortion in sheep. Site talks about vaccines available in the United Kingdom.
  • Enterotoxemia in Lambs
    Vaccinations for enterotoxemia in lambs. Includes information about and signs of the disease.
  • Infectious Causes of Abortion in Sheep
    Reasons for abortion in sheep and tests to discover which infectious agents are in the sheep. Includes general precautions for infectious abortions in sheep.
  • Internal Parasite Issues Impacting Grazing Flocks
    Reasons for deworming lambs and ewes and information about parasites that can cause problems in the flock.
  • Johnes Disease
    Excellent site by University of Wisconsin covering all aspects of this disease.
  • Mastitis
    Causes as well as actions for treating mastitis in sheep.
  • Milk Fever - Hypocalcemia
    One person's experience with milk fever.
  • Scrapie
    Basic factsheet from the United States Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services.
  • Scrapie Canada
    Information on the national voluntary scrapie certification program. Includes information on the disease.
  • Spider Syndrome
    Oklahoma state factsheet on basics of spider syndrome.
  • Tail Dock Length
    Picture of ideal tail dock length.

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