Sheep Genetics, Reproduction and Lambing

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These links provide information on performance records, Estimated Progenty Differences and sheep breeding terminology.

Performance Programs (External Links)

Links to other genetic evaluation programs

  • GenOvis
    GenOvis is the Canadian genetic evaluation program for sheep producers.
    The Canadian Sheep Genetics Evaluation System (CSGES) blog site contains technical documentation for the genetic evaluations and online program used in the GenOvis program
  • LambPlan
    Australian genetic improvement program.
  • Sheep Improvement Ltd. - Genetic Improvement
    New Zealand sheep genetic evaluation program.
  • Signet
    United Kingdom sheep genetic evaluation program.


Factsheets providing information on lambing

Reproduction / Breeding

Factsheets providing information on breeding and reproduction

Sheep Breeds (External Links)

These external links include information on breeds of sheep.

  • Sheep Breeds
    Brief descriptions of many sheep breeds worldwide, as well as the area where they are located.

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