Ontario's Wildlife Damage Compensation Program

The Ontario Wildlife Damage Compensation Program (OWDCP) provides compensation to eligible producers whose livestock and/or poultry have been injured or killed as a result of wildlife predation or whose bee colonies, beehives and/or beehive-related equipment has been damaged as a result of wildlife predation.

Municipal Responsibilties

  • Selecting and appointing municipal investigators who are qualified to investigate predation claims.
  • Assigning a municipal investigator immediately after an owner reports a livestock or poultry attack.
  • Making current applications available to all investigators.
  • Ensuring the application is complete and collecting any missing information prior to submission.
  • Reviewing and submitting completed applications and any additional evidence to OMAFRA's program administrator within.
  • Collecting and submitting application information or evidence requested by the Program Administrator within the prescribed timelines.
  • Paying an owner's approved application once a notification letter is received identifying the compensation value assigned by the program administrator.
  • Providing a Statement of Farm Support Payments (AGR-1) to owners who receive compensation.
  • Paying and reimbursing municipal investigators.

Reviewing a Program Application

All steps and relevant sections of the application have been completed in sufficient detail, particularly required fields.

Note - If any required information is missing it needs to be collected from the investigator or livestock owner and filled in prior to submission.

  • The municipal investigator and owner have signed the application.
  • All required supporting documentation has been provided (e.g. 3-6 colour photos of each animal, evidence to support a premium).
  • If an owner has indicated that they wish to provide additional evidence (e.g. their own photos, evidence to support a premium), and does so within seven (7) business days of the investigation, the evidence should be marked as additional evidence and submitted along with the application.
  • Complete Step 10 and sign the application form.

Submitting a Program Application

  • Submit application and additional documents in one email.
  • If files are too large to send in one email, the maximum file size is 10 megabytes per email attachment, additional emails may be sent as long as they reference the original submission.

All applications and additional documents should be submitted to OMAFRA via email at wildlife.damage@ontario.ca or mail:

Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
Attention: OWDCP Program Administrator
1 Stone Road West. 4th Floor NW
Guelph, ON N1G 4Y2

For more information:
Toll Free: 1-877-424-1300
E-mail: ag.info.omafra@ontario.ca
Author: OMAFRA Staff
Creation Date: 01 October 2018
Last Reviewed: 29 January 2019