Municipal and Investigator FAQs

Q: The Ontario Wildlife Damage Compensation Program (OWDCP) Guidelines state that the owner must be provided with a copy of the completed program application. How will you ensure this occurs within the required program timelines?

A: The timelines for submitting the completed application form to the owner and OMAFRA have not changed. Completed program application forms should be made available to owners within seven business days of the on farm investigation. Municipalities can implement a reasonable process they deem most practical in order to meet this requirement. This could include, but is not limited to, making the completed application available at the municipal office, delivering a physical copy or providing it electronically (if an email is provided).

Q: How long do municipalities have to review and submit applications to the owner and OMAFRA?

A: The timelines for getting the completed application to the owner and OMAFRA have not changed; the municipality must submit a completed application to OMAFRA within seven business days of the Investigator conducting an onsite investigation. The expectation is that both the investigator's role and all municipal functions will be completed within those seven business days. The municipality may subsequently require Investigators to complete their report within five to six business days to allow them some time to conduct their review and submit it to OMAFRA.

Q: Are Municipal applications still required?

A: No, the municipal application will no longer be required to receive an administrative cost reimbursement. This process is now automatic.

Q: Is compensation provided to Owners under the Ontario Wildlife Damage Compensation Program (OWDCP) taxable income?

A: Yes, program compensation is taxable income and municipalities are required to provide AGR-1 forms to all owners who receive OWDCP compensation, this will continue to be the responsibility of each municipality.

Q: What should an investigator do if they are unable to visit the injury or kill site within 72 hours of being notified?

A: In such extenuating circumstances, the investigator should advise the owner to take photos and preserve the site to the best of their abilities. Photos taken by the owner can be submitted as additional evidence and will be considered along with the photos and evidence provided by the investigator.

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Creation Date: 21 December 2016
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