Poisonous Plant Quiz

YewThat's right! This is Yew. Yew trees are extremely toxic to horses and all grazing animals. Yew poisoning is the commonest form of animal poisoning. All parts (dead or living) are poisonous, especially the leaves. Yew contains an alkyloid that depresses the action of the heart.

Yew is sometimes used in hedges or as an individual ornamental plant, e.g. be careful what you put in the show ring! Yew needles are greenish-yellow on the under surface and have no white stripes.


  • moderate amounts - mild to severe digestive upsets that may result in death
  • sudden death, without warning or symptoms

A handful of Japanese yew is enough to kill a horse!

A veterinarian should be consulted immediately for supportive treatment to reduce the damage caused by ingestion of poisonous plants.

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Author: Penny Lawlis - Animal Care Specialist/OMAFRA
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Last Reviewed: November 2003