Update : Small Ruminant Adult Mortality Project Free Postmortem Examinations - Find Out Why Adult Goats Die

Don't know why your adult goat died? We want to help! The Animal Health Laboratory (AHL), the Ontario Veterinary College (OVC) and OMAFRA have received funding to conduct a study investigating adult small ruminant mortalities on-farm. Adult sheep and goat mortalities are rarely sent to a laboratory for a complete postmortem and veterinarians infrequently perform postmortems on-farm. However, there is value in knowing why an animal died (chronic wasting diseases, metabolic/nutritional diseases, neurological disorders, parasite problems), so that changes can be implemented to help prevent on-going disease. This project seeks to improve the practice of on-farm postmortems, and improve information flow among producers, veterinarians, and pathologists. The cost of laboratory testing and the postmortem fee will be covered by the project! In order to learn the most from this project, the project will be requiring a Premises Identification (PID) number on all submissions.

Registering premises is quick, easy and free.

  • Visit the Ontario PPR website: www.ontarioppr.com or
  • Call Monday through Friday, 8:30am - 5:00pm at 1-855-697-7743

Information needed to obtain a Premises Identification Number (need to accu-rately identify the property by providing one of the following):

  • Assessment Roll Number (tax assessment number) - preferred method
  • Latitude and Longitude GPS coordinates
  • Municipal Address of the premises
  • Lot and Concession Number of the premises

If you wish to participate, contact your veterinarian to alert them to the project. We have provided information to Ontario large animal veterinarians about how to register for the project and obtain a postmortem kit from the AHL.

Distance Support for On-Farm Investigation of Adult Small Ruminant Mortabilities

Figure 1. Distance Support for On-Farm Investigation of Adult Small Ruminant Mortalities

It is Important that:

1. The veterinarian has the kit before the postmortem is needed - so act now even if you have no eligible animals,

2. The animal is an adult and died or was euthanized due to an unknown or uncertain condition, and

3. Very importantly - the animal is fresh, i.e. not rotten and not frozen.

The project began May 2017. Details of the project can be found at www.uoguelph.ca/srmort/

This project has been funded by the Agri-Food and Rural Link KTT Funding Program, part of the OMAFRA-U of G Partnership; and the Ontario Animal Health Network. Please note that only veterinarians licensed to practice in Ontario and who provide veterinary services to Ontario sheep and goat farms are eligible to enroll in the project. The farming operation must be raising animals for meat, milk or fiber, i.e. pets and hobby farms are not eligible. Please contact your veterinarian for more details and to ensure that they have requested a project account.

For more information:
Toll Free: 1-877-424-1300
E-mail: ag.info.omafra@ontario.ca
Author: Dr. Jocelyn Jansen, OMAFRA; Marie Spinato, Animal Health Laboratory;
Andria Jones-Bitton and Jeanettte Cooper, Ontario Veterinary College
Creation Date: 09 August 2017
Last Reviewed: 28 August 2017