Dairy Goat Research In Ontario

The project, "Investigating Mortality in Ontario Dairy Goat Kids", has received full approval from OMAFRA. The project received funding support from the Ontario goat industry and the OMAFRA-University of Guelph partnership. This study will be conducted in 2 phases and is anticipated to start in August or September of 2017.

The first phase will consist of an on-farm questionnaire about management practices that may impact kid health such as amount and source of colostrum fed and perinatal care. The second phase will involve collecting the bodies of all kids that die on-farm from a sub-set of farms that participated in Phase I (~30 farms). The objectives of the study are to quantify the current level of kid mortality in the industry and identify the factors that predispose to a high level of kid deaths. In addition, it will be helpful to identify the role that colostrum quality and failure of passive transfer may also be having.

Planning is currently underway to address other health concerns impacting the dairy goat industry. One issue is to determine the drugs of highest priority to the industry that should be targeted for drug withdrawal studies. Management of disbudding pain in kids is another project currently being investigated.

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Author: Dr. Cathy Bauman, Assistant Professor of Applied Clinical Research/Ontario Veterinary College
Creation Date: 09 August 2017
Last Reviewed: 25 August 2017