Small Ruminant Veterinarians of Ontario

The Small Ruminant Veterinarians of Ontario (SRVO) has brought together veterinarians with an interest in sheep, goats, camelids (alpacas, llamas) and cervids (deer, elk).

Small Ruminant Veterinarians of Ontario

Figure 1. Small Ruminant Veterinarians of Ontario

The objectives of SRVO are to:

  • provide its members with continuing education in the production practices, health and welfare of small ruminants;
  • speak as a unified voice for small ruminant veterinarians to government, industry and producers on topics dealing with the health and welfare of our patients; and
  • promote and encourage veterinary students and new graduates to take an active interest in small ruminant medicine.

Since its formation in 2008, SRVO has had over 100 members each year.

SRVO has held 20 continuing education meetings for its members since 2008. Internationally renowned speakers from Europe, USA, New Zealand and Canada have spoken on various topics including: out of season breeding, controlling abortions, ultrasound techniques, sustainable parasite management, investigation and control of chronic wasting diseases, dairy health management, nutrition and prevention of nutritional diseases, welfare, field anesthesia and pain management, and the development of treatment protocols. SRVO has also taken an active role in engaging government and organizations regarding the lack of approved drugs and vaccines available for small ruminants and antimicrobial resistance/prudent antimicrobial use.

We encourage producers to speak with their veterinarians and see if they are SRVO members. Producers looking for a small ruminant veterinarian should visit SRVO's website and view a map of its current members; or speak with fellow producers to locate a veterinarian in their area.

For more information:
Toll Free: 1-877-424-1300