Figure 2a shows details of the inside of the nipple side-panel of the Stewiacke Warm-Box Milk Bar. The panel is 31 7/8" wide by 48" high. The openings for nipples are 31¼" above the bottom of the panel. The frame consists of 2"x4" lumber on the sides and 2"x2" lumber on the top. The side panel has three 4.5" holes to facilitate insertion of 4-inch-PVC end caps for mounting nipples. The PVC end caps are screwed to backing boards made of 8"x8"x¾" plywood. Backing boards stand off from the side panel by means of ¾"x 1.5" plywood. There is no insulation in the area of the nipples. However, there is 1.5" trufoam insulation above and below the nipple bar. The bottom of the nipple side-panel has a 6" high piece of ¾" plywood for mounting the electric baseboard heater.

Stewiacke Warm-Box Milk Bars - Free-Access Milk Feeding in Cold Calf Barns