Figure 7 shows details for cutting the plywood sheets to construct the Stewiacke Warm-Box Milk Bar. One 4'x8' sheet of ¾" spruce select plywood is cut in two places to make three pieces (31 7/8-inches wide) for the nipple wall and left and right walls. A second sheet is cut to make the door (31¾"x47 7/8"), the top (31 7/8"x33 3/8"), pieces for making backing boards and stand-offs for mounting nipples (8"x8", and 24"x1.5"), and a spare piece. A third sheet of pressure treated ¾"-plywood is cut for the floor (31 7/8"x33 3/8"), heater backboard (6"x25"), and timer backboard (6"x28½").

Stewiacke Warm-Box Milk Bars - Free-Access Milk Feeding in Cold Calf Barns