Cull Cow Decision Action Card

Deciding when to transport a cull cow can be a difficult decision. This action card can help you decide if your cow should be shipped.

If the answer is yes to any of these questions call your vet. Do not transport.

The links below each picture provide additional information on each topic. Check here for Humane Transport information.

dairy cow with red band on back leg

Has the cow been treated and is she still within the withdrawal period?

standing dairy cow not putting full weight on back leg

Is she lame? (i.e., limping won't put full weight on foot)

very thin dairy cow

Is her body condition score <2.0/5.0?

head of cow with runny nose

Is she sick? (i.e., snotty nose, vaginal discharge, off feed, cancer)

standing cow with back arched

Is she in pain? (i.e., arched back)

thermometer being held by a hand taking the temperature of a cow

Does she have a fever >39.5 C or >103 F?