Major Changes to Compensation Program for Livestock Damaged by Wildlife in Ontario

The Ontario Wildlife Damage Compensation Program came into effect on July 1, 2011. It is part of Growing Forward, a federal, provincial and territorial initiative. It incorporates many significant changes to compensation for the owners of livestock, poultry and bees which are killed and/or damaged by wildlife.

Among the changes is an expanded list of eligible species of animals:

Table 1. Eligible animal species

Alpaca Llama
Bison Mule
Cattle Ostrich
Donkey Poultry
Emu Rabbit
Farmed deer Rhea
Farmed elk Sheep
Fur-bearing animal Swine
Goat Beehives, bee colonies and beehive equipment

As well, the list of eligible predators has been lengthened. Compensation for damage to livestock and poultry may be available for wildlife damage caused by:

Table 2. Eligible Predators for Livestock and Poultry Damage

Bear Hawk
Bobcat Lynx
Coyote Mink
Crow Raccoon
Eagle Raven
Elk Turkey vulture
Fisher Weasel
Fox Wolf

The program may cover, for beehives, bee colonies and beehive related equipment, wildlife damage caused by:

Table 3. Eligible Predators for Bee Related Damage

Bear Raccoon
Deer Skunk

Potential Value of Compensation for Cattle

The maximum potential compensation for registered cattle is $8,000 per hd. The maximum potential compensation for non-registered cattle is $2,500 per hd.

Process For Determining Losses For Weaned Beef and Dairy Calves

The award is determined by estimating the weight and using the current price for the class of animal in published industry averages.

For Young Calves (not weaned)

This option represents the minimum standard.

Beef calves are assumed to weigh 500 pounds at weaning age. The current market price for a weaned calf is determined by consulting published industry averages. Newborn calves and calves up to 1 month of age are to be compensated at 70 % of weaning value. If the market price of weaned calves is $1.70 per pound, then a 500 pound calf is valued at $1.70 x 500 =$850.

Newborn and calves up to 1 month of age will be compensated at 70 percent of the total value or 70 % x $850 = $595.00.

The value increases by 5% per month and reaches full value at 7 months of age. For example, a 2 month old calf is 75% of value, 3 months is 80%, 4 months is 85% and 5 months is 90% and 6 months is 95%.

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