The Bovine Ontario Animal Health Network and the impact to industry

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The Ontario Animal Health Network is a program new to the bovine sector. The Bovine Network was assembled in May 2015.

The overall goal is to improve bovine health in Ontario through:

  • communication
  • surveillance
  • information sharing

These activities will allow the Network to improve emergency preparedness and provide timely information on outbreaks and disease trends to veterinarians and producers for better decision making. As well, the Network will provide funding to follow up disease outbreaks and for projects to address Network related issues.

What can producers expect to see?

  • Your veterinarian will be asked to complete the OAHN bovine survey every 3 months about what they've been seeing in general in their practice. The survey is quick (<5 mins), and completely confidential - no client specific information is shared.
  • Your veterinarian will receive a complete report for Ontario after the surveys are complete and the OAHN group has met.
  • A producer report is currently being developed for the bovine sector.
  • Resources are available for cattle producers at, as well as reports and other information. Veterinarians can log in to access veterinary reports.
  • Our Facebook and Twitter feeds feature daily news on disease, welfare, and cattle concerns for producers and veterinarians. Follow us at: @OntAnHealthNet for twitter, and search "Ontario Animal Health Network" on Facebook.
  • Podcasts are available for veterinarians and producers at 20 free audio recordings (featuring many species) are available with Ontario specific topics.
  • Subsidized testing is being made available for certain infectious diseases so that more can be learned- currently being finalized for 2015. Last summer, some mastitis testing at the Animal Health Laboratory was subsidized through OAHN and its parent program DSP. We have also investigated several outbreaks in 2014/2015.
  • Research projects involving your veterinarian may be offered to you for participation (subsidized testing, surveys, etc.)- currently under development

Species-Specific Expert Network chart

How can I benefit from OAHN?

  • Share this article with your vet. If they practice in Ontario on cattle, we need their response and to contact with them to ensure they have access to the research projects and testing. Vets can sign up to receive reports, updates and surveys by emailing
  • Follow us on Facebook or Twitter. If you aren't interested in social media, we publish our top social media links on the site every week, Sign up for our newsletter on the same site.

A species specific Expert Network guides the development and implementation of the program.

Who is part of the Expert Network?

Southern Ontario: Dr. Sherri Christie, Mildmay

Northern Ontario: Dr. Crystal Throop, Temiskaming

Eastern Ontario: Dr. Dave Douglas, Navan

Animal Health Lab: Dr. Jim Fairles, Guelph; Dr. Andrew Brooks, Kemptville

OMAFRA: Dr. Ann Godkin, Elora; Tom Hamilton, New Liskeard

OVC: Dr. Dave Kelton, Dr. Steve LeBlanc, Dr. Todd Duffield, Dr. Laurent Viel, Dr. Dan Kenney, Guelph

Where can I learn more?

Questions? Comments? Contact Dr. Melanie Barham at (519) 824-4120x53364 or Or contact any of our network members (see list above).

For more information:
Toll Free: 1-877-424-1300