Nancy Noecker Has Retired

Long-time OMAFRA employee and passionate beef team member Nancy Noecker has retired! At the time of her retirement, Nancy was serving as the Calf and Heifer Specialist out of Kemptville, Ontario. Raised near Moorefield in Wellington County and a U of G graduate, Nancy started her career in public service as a Red Meat Advisor in 1984. At this time, Nancy supported beef farmers in activities relating to data collection for improved herd management (the "Pink Book" days) working out of the Sudbury office and serving the areas of Sudbury, Muskoka, Parry Sound, Algoma, and Manitoulin. In 1985, still working as a Red meat Advisor, Nancy packed her bags and headed east. Despite an intense storm system that moved through the Barrie area on her moving day, Nancy managed to settle into Victoria County and started working out of the Lindsay field office. Nancy kept heading east and landed in the Kemptville field office in 1989, where she served as the Cow-Calf Specialist and then Calf and Heifer Specialist for nearly 29 years.

Nancy took on important files impacting the beef industry during her career with OMAFRA, including Red Meat Program initiatives, projects relating to transportation and animal health and welfare, effective animal handling and multiple other extension activities. She supported the sector through many challenges, such as the ice storm in Eastern Ontario in 1999 and the BSE crisis in 2003. Nancy's unwavering commitment to the beef industry and passion for cattle was evident in all the work that she did. Her career-long dedication to learning, teaching, and helping people was highly valued by her colleagues and clients.

Nancy - thank you for all the work you have done and congratulations on a fruitful career. We will certainly miss you, but we are wishing you the very the best in your retirement!

Image of Nancy Noecker standing in a field surrounded by beef cattle.

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