Ontario Livestock Manifest: Recording livestock movements for a stronger traceability system

Livestock traceability systems include standardized tools and resources to protect livestock business owners, the public and animal health in the event of a food safety or animal health emergency. Traceability ensures that these risks can be identified quickly and managed effectively to minimize impact to the public and to the industry's reputation.

New federal regulations are coming, and a movement document is expected to be a requirement when they are in place. In the meantime, the popular Ontario Livestock Manifest is a voluntary tool that is used by many in the livestock industry to record animal movements.

Am I required to use the manifest?

Using the manifest is a voluntary best practice you can adopt to strengthen your business' traceability success. Using the Ontario Livestock Manifest brings Ontario in line with the national Cattle Industry Traceability Plan and prepares the livestock sector for proposed federal traceability regulations.

Why should I track shipping details with the Ontario Livestock Manifest?

  • It protects your business by documenting proof of shipment, providing verification in the event of a non-payment or in disputes over the number or type of animals shipped and received. It also facilitates more effective traceability to identify and address animal health emergencies to protect the public and the industry's reputation.

Where can I find it?

  • The manifest is being distributed through Service Ontario at no charge (shipping charges apply).
  • To order, contact Service Ontario at www.publications.serviceontario.ca or 1-800-668-9938 and order:
    • Publication Number 020297: Ontario Livestock Manifest for Direct Shipments and
    • Publication Number: 020298: Ontario Livestock Manifest for Auction/Dealers Shipments
  • The manifest will also be available from some auctions, dealers and producer organizations.

Ontario's traceability system is based on three pillars:

1. Animal Identification: using the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) approved Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags for individual animal identification for cattle, bison and sheep and other approved identifiers for grouped animals such as poultry and hogs.

To order CFIA approved tags visit: http://tags.canadaid.ca

2. Premises Identification: the Provincial Premises Registry (PPR) issues Premises Identification Numbers (PID), which are unique identifying numbers assigned to parcels of land on which agri-food activities take place. The PPR is the only official provincial registry where Ontario agri-food businesses can obtain a PID.

To register your business visit: www.ontarioppr.com

3. Movement recording: Recording and reporting movement and events of identified animals between identified premises allows traceability information to benefit to the livestock industry as a whole. This reduces the time it takes to respond to an animal health event or possible food product contamination. Collected information can also be used to meet the growing information demands of consumers, enhance consumer confidence and increase the overall competitiveness of the industry.

Information on how to order the Ontario Livestock Manifest is below

What is the Ontario Livestock Manifest?

  • The Ontario Livestock Manifest is a voluntary traceability tool that includes key business ownership and traceability information to record commercial livestock movements, as well as information that may be required under proposed federal traceability regulations.
  • It can be used by anyone shipping beef, veal, dairy, bison, sheep or goats.

The manifest is a triplicate form provided in books of 25 sets. A copy should be kept by the shipper, transporter and receiver of the animals to document livestock movements.

Who developed the Ontario Livestock Manifest?

The industry-led group that developed the Ontario Livestock Manifest included representatives from:

  • Beef Farmers of Ontario
  • Ontario Cattle Feeders Association
  • Ontario Livestock Dealers Association
  • Ontario Livestock Auction Markets Association
  • Ontario Trucking Association
  • Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
  • Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Why are there two versions of the Manifest form?

  • Ontario Livestock Manifest for Direct Shipments: records shipments from farm to feedlot, farm to farm or farm/feeder to processor.
  • Ontario Livestock Manifest for Auctions/Dealer Shipments: records shipments of livestock to auctions, dealers, assembly yards, etc.

Both forms meet the requirements of the Feeder Finance and Breeder Co-op Programs for beef cattle. As a suggested best practice, attach a list of the individual animal identification numbers for animals included in the load. Examples include Canadian Cattle Identification Program (CCIA) tags and Canadian Sheep Identification Program (CSIP) tags.

The Ontario Livestock Manifest includes sections for each party to provide information to meet National Cattle Industry Traceability Plan traceability requirements.

  • Each manifest has its own pre-printed and unique identifier number for document tracking.
  • The date field shows when the livestock were loaded.
  • Each party is responsible for the information collected in their respective section of the manifest.

Below is a summary of the information for each section of the forms, and the party responsible to complete the section:

Section Party Responsible Information to be Collected
Purchaser/Agent Name Person making the payment Premises ID, Name, Mailing Address & Telephone Number
Transporter Company Name Trucker Name of Transporter, Name of the Trucker and the Trailer Licence Number
Owner Name Owner/Seller Premises ID, Head Count, and the species, Name, Mailing Address & Telephone Number
Shipper Name (if shipped on behalf of Owner) Party shipping on behalf of owner Premises ID, Name, Mailing Address & Telephone Number
Receiver Name Person receiving the animals Premises ID, Head Count, Name, Mailing Address & Telephone Number

A view of both forms is below:

Ontario Livestock Manifest for Direct Shipments

Ontario Livestock Manifest for Direct Shipments

Ontario Livestock Manifest for Auction/Dealers Shipments

Ontario Livestock Manifest for Auction/Dealers Shipments

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