Standards of Compliance Manual

The Standards of Compliance Manual was designed to help licensed vendors of livestock medicines interpret the Livestock Medicines Act legislation. Plain language is used with examples and tips to help operators achieve compliance. It also outlines the inspection scoring system employed by inspectors at the time of a compliance audit.

All licensees registered will have received a white binder containing this manual with instructions for its use and a copy of the Livestock Medicines Act. New applicants will be issued a manual with their licence.

Outlet operators are encouraged to review the material contained in this manual with staff involved in the handling and sale of medicines and incorporate a training component as part of their quality assurance initiative to ensure medicines are stored, handled and sold in a responsible manner.

Inspection reports are 'three-hole punched' in order that they can be filed in the back of the binder.

Copies of the Standards of Compliance manual can be obtained by contacting the Licensing Clerk for the Livestock Medicines Program at 519- 826-6601.

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