Lake Simcoe Data Viewer

The Lake Simcoe Data Viewer allows the user to preview Census of Agriculture data related to the Lake Simcoe Watershed. Available datasets are listed below and are displayed on a sub-watershed basis. Please select the dataset you wish to preview and it will appear in the map window. Clicking on a feature in the map will provide additional information on that feature. Use the scroll bar on the left to zoom in and out. For keyboard users, use the +/- key to zoom in/out and arrow keys to move around the map.

Sub-watershed boundaries have been set by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources based on heights of land. For more information on watersheds, please vist the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources' webpage.

2011 Census Results - Crop and Livestock

Corn Sod
Grains Root Crops
Soybeans Cattle
Vegetables Pigs
Fruit Poultry

2011 Census Results - Management Practices

Crop Rotation Irrigation
Tillage Summerfallow
No-Tillage Windbreaks
Winter Cover Crops

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Author: OMAFRA Staff
Creation Date: 18 February 2011
Last Reviewed: 12 February 2013