News Releases 2013

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December 16 Growing New Opportunities for Ontario Wines
  14 Make Buying Local Food a Holiday Tradition
  10 Statement on Kellogg Closure
9 Celebrating Agri-Food Innovators in Sudbury

13 Statement on Federal Government's Food Packaging Standards
  12 Celebrating Agri-Food Innovators in Richmond Hill
  5 Bill to Promote Local Food Passes Final Vote
  1 Celebrating Agri-Food Innovators in Guelph

25 Celebrating Agri-Food Innovators in Jerseyville, City of Hamilton
  16 Celebrating Agri-Food Innovators in Windsor Region
  15 Celebrating Agri-Food Innovators in Alfred
  11 Province Launches Five-Year Plan for Horse Racing Industry
  7 Driving Growth for Ontario's Agri-Food Industry

25 Statement on Progress of Bee Health Working Group
  16 Growing More Local Food Opportunities


18 Premier to Attend Agriculture Ministers' Meeting
  9 Taking Action on Bee Mortalities

26 New Growing Forward 2 Programming Kicks Off in Ontario
  14 Supporting Ontario Horse Breeders

29 Province in Partnership to Bring More Local Food to Kids
  13 Long-Term Plan Coming for Ontario's Horse Racing Industry
  1 Meeting of Québec and Ontario Agriculture Ministers Focuses on Supporting Local
  1 Ontario Recognizes Food Processor as Exports Surpass $10 Billion

2 Canada and Ontario Announce Growing Forward 2

26 Supporting Ontario Corn-Fed Beef
  26 Three More Race Tracks Sign Funding Agreements
  25 Ontario Serves Up Local Food Bill
  22 Promoting the Good Things that Grow In Ontario
  20 Open Letter to the Ontario Medical Association - When Antibiotics Stop Working position paper
  15 Deadline Extension for Livestock Producers Dealing With Drought Fallout
  8 Four More Race Tracks Sign Funding Agreements


23 Horse Racing in Ontario to Continue
  10 Canada and Ontario Help Tree Fruit Growers Deal with Frost
7 Governments Help Ontario Farmers Find Sustainable Water Management Solutions


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Author: OMAFRA Staff
Creation Date: 01 January 2013
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