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The Ontario Food Exports (OFEX) team helps food and beverage companies to increase sales revenue by identifying and maximizing their export opportunities. Our specialists can support you every step of the way, from an initial market assessment to full export capability. We will help you by:

  • accessing your export capability
  • bringing you sales opportunities when you are export-ready
  • providing counselling, education, market research and buyer introductions;

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Find the contact for your sector or your area from the list below. Or, contact one of our US trade advisors. To send an email, just click on their name.

Sector Specialists
Emerson Cheng Beverages (519) 826-4474
Jennifer Hannam Confectionary/Fresh Produce (519) 826-3982
Kathryn Liotta Specialty/Gourmet/Health Food/Dairy/Delicatessen (519) 826-4018
Shannon McCarthy Primary Agriculture/Pet Food
Shannon is currently on maternity leave until October 2018. Please contact Georgimar Coronil in the interim 
(519) 826-4541
Karen Moore Bakery/Prepared Frozen Foods (519) 826-3686
Debra Oliver Prepared and Dry Ingredients/Grocery/Snack Foods (519) 826-3945 
Kiran Pandey Protein (519) 826-3489
Geographic Specialists
Emerson Cheng Asia/Pacific  (519) 826-4474
Jennifer Hannam Europe (519) 826-3982
Kathryn Liotta Middle East, North Africa (519) 826-4018
Shannon McCarthy Mexico, Central and South America
Shannon is currently on maternity leave until October 2018. Please contact Georgimar Coronil in the interim 
(519) 826-7765
Karen Moore Western United States (519) 826-3686
Debra Oliver Southeast United States (519) 826-3945 
Kiran Pandey Northeast United Sates (519) 826-3489
Kiran Pandey India (519) 826-3489
Export Services and Co-ordination 
Karl Maiterth Manager (A), Export Marketing Unit (519) 826-3564
Cheryl Chlebus Client Information Coordinator (519) 826-3767
April Schnurr Export Marketing Assistant (519) 826-3768
Cynthia Atienza Program Support
Cynthia is currently away on a temporary assignment. Please contact Georgimar Coronil in the interim 
(519) 826-4541
International Trade Advisors 
Joe McKie Ontario Food Exports - South USA (904) 334-4923
Gurdip Singh Ontario Food Exports - India +91 11 41002729
Rick Tuma Ontario Food Exports - Central US (Chicago) (630) 820-7144
Flora Zhang Ontario Food Exports - China +86 21 6888 9835

Mailing address

3rd Floor NE, 1 Stone Road West
Guelph, Ontario, Canada
N1G 4Y2

General inquiries

Phone: (519) 826-4210
1-888-466-2372 ext 6-4210 (Ontario only)
Fax: (519) 826-3460


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