Why Ontario?


Many of the world’s largest food processing companies have operations in Ontario. Yearly food and beverage manufacturing sales exceed $34 billion. A large part of these sales come from exports.

Did you know? In its forecast of the international business environment through to 2014, The Economist Intelligence Unit ranked Canada as the number one place in the G7 to do business. Why? Reasons cited include Ontario’s openness to foreign trade and capital, high-quality infrastructure and opportunities to reach the North American marketplace.

Why base your food business here?

Moving products from farm to factory to market is easy in Ontario. Food processors here can readily access:  

  • high quality ingredients
  • primary and value-added processors
  • importers of specialty ingredients
  • innovative packaging
  • a diverse retail network
  • efficient transportation networks
  • other related services and industries. These include, warehousing, equipment and specialized storage.

Make Ontario’s advantage your advantage

  • Ontario is strategically located in the middle of North America. The North American free trade zone is valued at $17+ trillion. This area is home to 450 million consumers. That’s not all. The province is located within one day’s drive of key markets within Canada and the United States. This area makes up almost half of the total population of the two countries.
  • Ontario has a highly efficient transportation network and competitive trucking industry. There are 15 convenient land border crossings to the United States.
  • Ontario is business friendly. KPMG’s 2010 Competitive Alternatives study of international business costs found that Canada’s business costs continue to be competitive with most US locations.
  • The province continues to lower its corporate tax rate. By 2012, we will have the lowest corporate tax rate in the G7. Ontario is also working to streamline regulations to make it easier to do business here.
  • The province offers a highly diverse workforce with advanced skills. Ontario's employees speak more than 140 languages, so we can work with your customers and suppliers in their own language, anywhere in the world. A higher percentage of our workforce has post-secondary education than any other G7 country.In manufacturing, the on-the-job average is 9.5 years, compared to 5.5 in the United States. This translates into lower transition and training costs.

Ontario is ready to welcome your food processing business. We continue to create programs and initiatives to support your success.

For more information:
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E-mail: foodinvestom@ontario.ca